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What If?

pink rose covered in dew

The circle of life turns and heralds a day where we can be pushed to invest much. We are told 1 January is an important day.

Online and in print, we are bombarded with ways to make ourselves and our lives anew. A new year, a new us, with different instructions at every turn.

Little of it is kind or gentle, least of all to ourselves. The energy created is lack and dissatisfaction.

If any change is desired, then any day is a fresh start.

Trying to change too much at once is overwhelming, and things get messy, which adds to the overwhelming feelings.

What if we crop our 'to do' and 'must' lists and come at change from a place of softness?

What if we turned the pressure off and dialled the noise down?

What if we observed rather than took action? Just for a while. Choosing the length of the 'while' to suit us.

What if we gift ourselves a break and show up to our responsibilities yet keep quiet and let things be just as they are? We did our thing and left. Just for once.

What if we don't get into everything?

What if we stop comparing?

What if, in the quiet we create, we can hear what we truly need?

What if we acknowledge that we need our loving energy for ourselves sometimes?

What if we pause? As often as we need. Even for a few seconds.

What if we cease unnecessary judgment?

What if we love ourselves just as we are? At this moment. Completely.


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