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Natural Pathways and Endings

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I have learned a lot about natural pathways and endings in the last few weeks through experience and observation.

Some realisations have been sobering. Such as, just because my diary has an available slot and it looks as if I can take a new service booking, it doesn't mean that I have the vital time to visit loved ones (as many times as they need) and write the ceremony. A combination of more bookings than usual, some being complicated and others where loved ones were living far away, led to a few weekends filled with writing. I have now developed a way of scheduling that is kinder for all involved.

A mix of social pressures and expectations can lead us to feel we always need to be busy. I suspect the standards we hold ourselves to are woven into this too. In our daily round, there are beds to make, laundry to wash, meals to shop for, prepare and cook, errands to run and many other things to attend to, including the renovation of our workshop and gardens. We were running ourselves ragged, so a kinder way has evolved.

Recently, friends came to have dinner, so we could all have a long-awaited catch-up, and we shared the plans for our workshop renovation and the new artistic plans I have. I had spotted a short internet video highlighting a new form of art and my heart soared as I watched. I have researched it and Tim has bought a new set of tools to help me start. With excitement, I shared our plans. My friend immediately started saying how I could turn it into a part-time business and she got all caught up in sketching out a business plan. I gently reined her in and said 'No' and explained. It is all about being immersed in something new, creating and experimenting, just for the sheer joy of it. No expectations, plans or structure of any kind.

Making time to be. Just to be. Without pressure.

This brings me to probably the biggest realisation of all. Twelve years ago I started a blog on WordPress. It gifted me a start with my writing, a platform for my work and an introduction to a Global Village of like-minded souls. I have met so many special people (some in person), learned much, shared and listened to different opinions and grown from it all. My gratitude for all that has come from this knows no bounds.

I stepped away from the WordPress platform because of technical issues a year ago, as I did not have the time to work through them. Recently, I realised that I have no time to read my fellow bloggers' posts and offer the support that we all gift each other on there. Something has to give and after much reflection, it is blogging.

To everyone, I have met and spent twelve years writing alongside 'Thank you, from all my heart' for your kindness, encouragement and support. Many of us will stay in touch and without a doubt, some of us will meet up and spend time together.


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