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Moments of Comfort

robin in a tree in the sunshine

It has been interesting to find a platform and website builder that I could understand as the number of options available is bewildering. It was important to get clear on the outcome I wanted to achieve, and above all to keep it simple.

 I still managed to complicate things with my lack of knowledge of the terminology used by the new platform. It reminded me of dealings with hospitals and care agencies. They have a language of their own and to keep pace with the swift changes our society is undergoing, terms can change overnight. It takes a lot of energy to check understanding and actions being taken.

I went down a rabbit hole with the website set-up and gave my brain a break by wiping out the fridge and putting groceries away, which helped me to see where I was going awry.

The new website is still a work in progress, so I am running on the old platform for now.

Moments of comfort when we're under pressure can come in unexpected ways.

Tim and I were in fits of giggles the other night as we made pancakes. It was an unseasonably warm evening, so we opened the back door and laid everything out by the hob. We were just about able to eat our results and we have learned much. Our frying pan has seen better days and we need a new one. Making our batter is a better option than buying a powdered form of chemicals you mix with water. Having the back doors open stopped the smoke alarm from ringing, and we were grateful we had something else cooking in the oven because we were still hungry.

My Mum gifted me Jeremy Clarkson's latest book for my birthday, and he has a wonderfully warm, informative and witty way of writing. Since he took over farming his 1,000-acre farm in The Cotswolds, Oxfordshire, when his farm manager retired four years ago, he has shared the ups and downs of his life and all the projects he has tackled on his farm. Amazon has filmed him and so far, delighted viewers with two series and another is in the pipeline. Jeremy has highlighted the plight of farmers worldwide, and the books are a collection of his weekly columns in The Times broadsheet newspaper.

In one chapter, Jeremy talked about the Merlin app, and how he was able to record and identify birds and their song. I downloaded the app and can be found in our garden at dawn recording the dawn chorus. This morning Blackbirds, Robins, Thrushes, Wrens, Bullfinches, Bull Chaffinches, Blackcaps, Greenfinches and Jackdaws were singing their hearts out as rain softly fell. It is a happy way to start each day.


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