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Love of Dogs

a dog resting on a sofa

I feel privileged to step inside many homes, and as we sit and talk, we often have the company of dogs.

Dogs have a knowing. I see them stand guard, offer comfort, amuse with their antics, sit close by their family, and keep their loving eyes on those they love. They have a sixth sense; I am sure they can see spirit.

During visits, if grief makes talking difficult, turning the conversation to the family dog always helps. A furry face will perk up as if to say, 'I'm here. Love is my role.'

I hear tales of how dogs have behaved and every story speaks of love.

Over ten years ago I was a farm sitter, and every place I went to care for had dogs. One set-up in Wiltshire, the farmer had to catch an early flight, and I was arriving a few hours later. It was a key under the flowerpot arrangement, and there was a long driveway to the farmhouse. As I turned the last corner, three dogs with wagging tails waited behind a gate. I stopped, opened my car door, let them run round the gate, and all three bounded onto the back seat, as we drove up to the farmhouse together. They knew I was their source of love, food and comfort for the next ten days as we looked after the farm and its menagerie, and they looked after me. Treasured memories and a story for another day.

We have a secret, you and I,

That no one else shall know,

For who, but I can see you lie

Each night in fire glow?

And who but I can reach my hand

Before we go to bed

And feel the living warmth of you,

And touch your silken head?

Thank you, my friend,

For your love so freely given.

I’ll hold you in my heart,

Till we’re together again.

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04. März

Beautiful and so true! I was just talking to my husband David this evening about how much our boy, Marley, enriches our lives.

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Jane Sturgeon
Jane Sturgeon
29. Apr.
Antwort an

Ohh, JoAnna, our furry buddies bring much joy and comfort. We are indeed blessed, and the pictures of your David and his loving patience with Marley are special. Much love to you both and Marley. Xxx 🩷

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