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Love In Every Stitch

sock knitting

I loved the days when I used to take old and unwanted items into my workshop and breathe fresh life into them by re-purposing, painting, re-covering and decorating. Anything was possible as my imagination flew, and each piece gifted a deep satisfaction.

The threads of whatever we have done in the past are still there, alongside the joy we used to feel as youngsters.

I looked at my stash of odd balls of yarn and started making pairs of socks from yarn remnants. My organised side matches each sock to mirror the other, and there is something so calming in sorting, marrying up the colours and creating something new from leftover yarn of pairs of socks long since gifted. Six years ago, I valiantly tried to learn how to knit socks on the four-needle system my great granny used, and my efforts ended up full of holes. Pondering 'I can't be alone in struggling with this technique', I Googled 'Struggling to knit socks'. A German company called Addi make these wonderful little circular needles with small metal ends and a bendy line between them called 'Sockwunder'. I ordered two. A kind American farmer on YouTube explained sock knitting in a way I could understand, and I haven't looked back.

There is love in every stitch.


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