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deep pink rose

After a service this week, I was asked how I was by a lovely funeral director I work with. I replied with a wry smile that there were challenges flowing through and asked how he was.

His reply was in sync with mine, and I added they were glorious challenges. Both of us keep our counsel on details, so he raised an eyebrow, as he queried the word 'glorious'.

I affirmed my use of the word 'glorious', and we both moved to see our family safely into the warmth of the limos to carry them to their celebration of life gathering. My goodness, there was a sharp wind blowing that day!

Challenges push us out of our comfort zones and make space for different ways of thinking and reacting. Who knows what will come from being under pressure to seek new answers? So, I am holding to my instinct to call them glorious.

There is much happening in the world, and it is sharp and frightening. It can leave us feeling powerless to affect anything.

I returned home, and Tim and I managed to have a quiet lunch, before returning to work in the afternoon. There have been signs of wear and stress in both of us, so we hatched a plan. We both find creativity soothing, and it replenishes our inner batteries, so we will make time to disappear in our workshop.

Refreshed, we can then return to the fray. Hopefully, our renewed loving energy will lift those we are in contact with, and we can all lift each other to find new ways to live and thrive.


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