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Honouring Men

vineyard heart shaped driveway home

I am blessed to sit with families, share memories, and create a ceremony to honour their loved one who has passed away. As I drove home yesterday evening I had this thought.

Many of the men we gather to honour share the same traits. They are kind, gentle, loving, hard-working and selfless. They have spent their lives putting their families first and have left a loving legacy filled with many happy memories.

They understood that a rich life, filled with purpose, creates a legacy for their family. Their kind natures were nurtured and moulded by all the life choices they made. Everything they did carried the goal of making sure their loved ones were provided and cared for.

They knew how to love, touch and open others' hearts and what a difference unconditional love can make. How to take responsibility for their choices and actions, how to serve their loved ones and how to nurture them.

Love like this is a gift without end.

 ‘Many men can build a fortune, but few can make a family.’


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