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wooden wagon with plants

It is cold here today, with the sun shining in a beautiful blue sky. Simply to feel the fresh air, I popped outside to bring the bins in earlier and had a catch-up with our next-door neighbour. They are a loving couple, who have been together for six decades. Life has taken its toll and they have health issues, yet they are always smiling and full of fun. Our conversation covered many topics in a short space of time and was filled with laughter. I came back in and made Tim laugh, as I shared how lightly our friends carry life and allow life to flow through them.

They are a shining example of being what they want to see in the world.

There have been several technical issues flowing between my old WordPress blog and my new self-hosted one. I have spent fruitless hours trying to fix things and today, as we stepped away to make a cup of tea, the solution was staring me in the face. Let the old blog go. Ten years of over five hundred posts with countless stories and comments. My new blog needed to stop carrying the weight of the old one. Simple. So, I hit the delete button and the problems disappeared.

My monthly newsletter went out today and it carried examples that keep cropping up of letting old stories go and shifting our loads to make them lighter to carry. I am going to share a piece of it here...

Currently, we have stories flowing through tricky situations, and we are consciously trying not to carry them forward as part of our story. We try and make sense of them, take any practical steps needed, learn what we can and then let them flow through. Diversion has been the key, as each time we bring our attention back to our plans, steam engines, writing, creativity, knitting and peace. Bless the peace. Connections we hold are changing; some are being lost as we prefer not to share and re-live the stories coming through, some are morphing into a new understanding, and new ones are emerging. In our society, it is often referred to as 'finding your tribe', and we like to see it as kindred spirits being drawn together.

We are being asked by many to pray and send loving energy to our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. That is loving action, yet we can do more. We have to be the example of the change we wish to see in our world. Anytime we catch ourselves being resentful, jealous, bitter, controlling and manipulating, we are adding to the weight we carry in our lives. We can change our load and part of that is letting go of the stories we hold onto. Another part is being conscious of how we react and respond. If we harbour destructive emotions and hold unhappy stories in our lives, it contradicts the loving energy we send to our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.

Be the change you want to see in the world.


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