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Daily Balm Monthly Collection May 2022


Peaceful in the moment

Tranquil in your soul

To reach a state of balance

Seems to be the goal.

A point where cares are absent

Or maybe put on hold

Often redefining

The many rules were told.

There is no need to journey

No need to get away

Just carve out a moment

And enjoy it every day.

The moment will embrace you

Take time to give it care

Finding the serenity

Of just being there.

by Robert Longley

In our world, crammed with bustle, distractions, and endless noise, you may feel the need for some peace. I created the Daily Balm messages to flow soothing energy and kindness into your daily round, and this is a monthly collection from May 2022.

With much love from our home to yours.


1 May 2022 – Capture your Words

Capture your words...

Write them down.

It is a wonderful mind de-clutter.

2 May 2022 – Cascade 

Sometimes life tumbles through like a cascade

And you are left spluttering.

Nurture yourself...

Find a rock

A place to pause.

3 May 2022 – Finding Beauty

May you find the beauty

In today.

4 May 2022 – Stillness

Inner calm

Gifts a peaceful reflection.

5 May 2022 – Illumination

You shine a light

Onto all you focus on.

6 May 2022 – Peaceful Places

Wishing you a peaceful place

To dream in and find pause.

7 May 2022 – Observing

If you make listening and observation, your occupation

You will gain much more than you can by talk.

Robert Baden-Powell

8 May 2022 – Rest

How often do you gift yourself permission

To rest?

9 May 2022 – Clouds


When you feel stuck

Look up to the sky...

Drift like the clouds

And the answers will come.

10 May 2022 – Touch

Everyone you are with

You leave an imprint behind.

11 May 2022 – Threads

Take care of which threads you pull...

It could create a hole

Or the whole thing could become undone.

12 May 2022 – Calm

Over half of our bodies are water...

May you hold a calm pool within you.

13 May 2022 – Orange

Orange is fun, flamboyant,

dynamic and radiates warmth.

It uplifts and gifts confidence.

14 May 2022 – Home

May you have magic

In your home.

May it be cosy and your

Place of peace.

15 May 2022 – Grace

The grace of history

Is your foundation.

A springboard for creations

Your voice

New marks on the world.

16 May 2022 – Choices

We choose

How we show up for each other


Who we stand with.

17 May 2022 – Absorbing

We become

What we choose to take in.

18 May 2022 – Pause to Rest

Pause to rest and step back when you need to

The field of life will still be there

When you return.

19 May 2022 – Decluttering your Mind

You can write out the endless chatter in your mind...

Like a stream of consciousness

That no one else will read.

A mind de-clutter.

Then screw that paper up

And burn it.

20 May 2022 – Balloons

Trying anything new in life

Is like blowing up a bright balloon.

Different colours, perspectives, and views...

It may blow up...

It may not.

21 May 2022 – Wishes

The most magical,


Things can happen,

And it all starts with a wish.

22 May 2022 – Listening

When you listen...

Do you hear the birdsong?

The breeze through the trees?

Nature is singing all the time.

23 May 2022 – Cut Off

Sometimes you can feel isolated...

Yet the sea of life flows around us

And we are all connected


24 May 2022 – Roots

Sunshine warms the earth 

For roots to grow.

Rain waters them. 

Both states co-exist, so we can. 

25 May 2022 – Possibilities

I love the fact

The bees do not know

They can't fly.

26 May 2022 – Home as Sanctuary

May your home be your sanctuary.

A place of loving peace

With room to restore.

27 May 2022 – Sometimes We Get Caught

When we follow others

Is it your choice to walk in that direction?

Sometimes we can get caught in others' patterns.

28 May 2022 – The Road Ahead

The road ahead is clear...

It is a loving choice to head off into life on the edge sometimes.

Who knows where you will go?

29 May 2022 – The View Above

When we lift our thinking up

We discover wonder

And a different view.

30 May 2022 – Nature’s Whispers

Nature whispers her love for us

When we quieten ourselves and our lives right down.

31 May 2022 – Pausing

And you pause for a while...

© Copyright Jane Sturgeon 2022

No part of this book, or the whole, can be used, shared, or quoted without the author’s express written permission.


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