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Daily Balm Monthly Collection January 2022


“To allow oneself to be carried away by a multitude of conflicting concerns, to surrender to too many demands, to commit oneself to too many projects, to want to help everyone in everything, is to succumb to the violence of our times.”― Thomas Merton

In our world, crammed with information and activity, you may feel the need for some respite. I created the Daily Balm messages to flow soothing energy and kindness into your daily round and they are now in a monthly collection, and this one is from January 2022.

With much love from our home to yours.


1 January 2022 – A Fresh Year

Happy New Year.

With loving wishes

For 2022.

From our home to yours.

2 January 2022 – Possibilities

A fresh year

Full of possibilities.

Fresh choices

All for you.

3 January 2022 – Straining On Your Leash

Full of energy.

Alert to the opportunities

A new year holds.

Go get 'em...

4 January 2022 – Drops of Love

May drops of love be felt

Throughout your day.

5 January 2022 – Time

Time has a wonderful way

Of showing us what matters...

6 January 2022 – Silence

There are deep roots to be found

In silence.

7 January 2022 – A New Day

If a new day dawns,

On the broken pieces of yesterday...

You are wounded at the start.

8 January 2022 – Floating

It is kindness

And hopes

And dreams

That flow graces

To keep us afloat.

9 January 2022 – Comfort

Take time today

To flow yourself


10 January 2022 – Pottering

May your home be a castle in your heart...

Where you potter around your plot

In peace.

11 January 2022 – Innocence

The essence of innocence

Can be found amidst trees.

12 January 2022 – Disturbing the Waters

We are so afraid of change

That we hesitate to disturb the waters.

Yet we forget the pool of life

Holds us.

13 January 2022 – A Delicate Touch

Sometimes to gain a loving outcome

Action needs a delicate touch.

14 January 2022 – Softness

Pink is soft

An energy that flows compassion and love.

We all need that right now...

15 January 2022 – A Showman’s Engine

They speak of a bygone era

And were the workhorses of their time.

Now they are decorated.

What do you celebrate from the past?

16 January 2022 – Reflections

You are perfect

Just as you are.

Flowing with life's stream.

17 January 2022 – Message in a Bottle

Your inner self holds messages

Just for you.

Looking within

Open the bottle.

It is not about pressure

Nor littered with 'Should'

Simply a message of love

Already understood.

18 January 2022 – Hidden from View

Sometimes your next step

Is hidden from view.

You know it is there though.

Waiting for the moment

When you are ready to step forward.

19 January 2022 – Washed Clean

Nature washes clean

With rain.

Gifting a fresh path.

A storm in your life

Gifts are the same.

20 January 2022 – Falling Behind

If you feel you are falling behind

Pause awhile to take a rest.

This is not a race

And if you need to take a breath

Then that is for your best.

21 January 2022 – Dreams and Wishes

Hold them in your heart

Your dreams and wishes...

There will come a time

For you to make a start.

22 January 2022 – Life’s Lemons

Life's lemons

Can make the sweetest drink.

23 January 2022 – Connected

Even in the harshest of times

We are all connected.

24 January 2022 – Creativity

Baking and creativity

Flows nurture and love.

All rolled into one.

25 January 2022 – A Wealth of Stories

What wealth within

All your stories yet untold.

26 January 2022 – Cliff Leaping

You won't always have a parachute

When you leap off a cliff.

Sometimes life will push you.

You have the gifts to craft one 

As you fly.

27 January 2022 – Hurly Burly

Life can get hectic sometimes.

You don't have to push so hard

Or catch a ride in the fast car.

28 January 2022 – Sending Love

If you send love out

In thought, word, and deed

Just imagine what that loving energy will create.

29 January 2022 – Life’s Foundation

You flow with life

And there is a foundation there

The whole time.

30 January 2022 – Resting

The cosy spot

Where you can rest awhile.

Time to just be.

31 January 2022 – Our Thoughts

Our thoughts can become a jumble.

A fast slide down to a place of discomfort.

An unreal situation.

It is just our thoughts

After all.

© Copyright Jane Sturgeon 2021

No part of this book, or the whole, can be used, shared, or quoted without the author’s express written permission.


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