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Daily Balm Monthly Collection February 2022


“To allow oneself to be carried away by a multitude of conflicting concerns, to surrender to too many demands, to commit oneself to too many projects, to want to help everyone in everything, is to succumb to the violence of our times.”― Thomas Merton

In our world, crammed with information and activity, you may feel the need for some respite. I created the Daily Balm messages to flow soothing energy and kindness into your daily round and am now gathering them into monthly collections, and this one is from February 2022.

With much love from our home to yours.


1 February 2022 – A Web of Thoughts

Following on...

Our thoughts create a web

That can block us from reality.

2 February 2022 – Stillness

In the still of the night

Your thoughts can run riot

Yet nature offers peace.

Look out of your window.

3 February 2022 – Differences

No matter what

We are all connected.

4 February 2022 – Observing

You can be an observer 

Of others' carnivals.

There's no need

To buy a ticket to their show.

5 February 2022 – Swirling

When your emotions are swirling inside

Pause, if you can.

Let them settle before you take action.

6 February 2022 – In Shade

Sometimes sadness comes to visit.

Let it be.

Pause to feel

Without fear.

Sadness is part of life's rich pattern.

7 February 2022 – Peace

If you need peace

It is loving, to take time

To pause.

Quieten the noise

Say 'No'

Put yourself first.

8 February 2022 – Frozen

It can happen to anyone:

You get stuck.

It is a sign

To stop pushing.

And take time to rest.

The answer will float up.

9 February 2022 – Detail

Nature's beauty

In all her glorious detail.

You carry the same inner sparks.

10 February 2022 – Nurturing Seedlings

We water our seedlings in life

With our thoughts, words, and actions.

What are you growing?

11 February 2022 – Alone

No-one is 






She is at peace...alone.

12 February 2022 – Views Through

Some will see



A turret




What do you see?

13 February 2022 – Backwards

Looking back

You will see the storms, hurt, pain and transgressions.

Looking back

You tend to carry pain forward.

14 February 2022 – Loving Energy

Loving energy

Can be discovered in the simplest of moments.

15 February 2022 – Peace

We all seek moments of peace...


Discover what works for you

Then ensure you have your moments of peace 

Every day.

16 February 2022 – Different Directions

It is balanced to have different





Share the same life values. 

17 February 2022 – Stand Tall

Stand tall

Draw your line in the sand

And stay on it.

18 February 2022 – Falling Naturally

Let it flow.

Let it be.

Let it go.

19 February 2022 – Compassion

Compassion springs from a well of love.

Without beginning

Without end...

It is love in action.

20 February 2022 – Hope

'Hope is the thing with feathers

That perches in the soul

And sings the tune without the words

And never stops at all.'

by Emily Dickinson

21 February 2022 – Morning’s Light

Darkness banished by fresh light

With hope held at dawn.

Carrying you through

As you greet a new morn.

22 February 2022 – Layers

Dreams, hopes, and wishes

Can get buried under the demands of living 


They are still here

You are still here.

Maybe you simply needed to rest awhile.

23 February 2022 – Catching Joy

Pausing to catch joy...

Oh, what a moment.

24 February 2022 – Designs

Someone conceived this design.

It was created

Stone by stone.

Your heartfelt dream

Can be created step by step.

25 February 2022 – Yellow

Yellow holds the spirit of hope.

It is the colour of communication in your energy field

The softness of early morning

Sunshine, contentment & warmth.

26 February 2022 – Noisy Distractions

As lovely as it is to spend time together

Sometimes you need peace

Away from the noise and distractions.


Time to be...just you.

27 February 2022 – Wisdom


When I have ceased to break my wings,

Against the faultiness of things,

And learned that compromises wait

Behind each hardly opened gate,

When I have looked Life in the eyes,

Grown calm and very coldly wise,

Life will have given me the Truth,

And taken in youth.

by Sara Teasdale

28 February 2022 – Storm Clouds

Hidden in Layers

Every storm is layered

As is every life experience.

Observe and question...

'What can I learn from this storm?'

Hold the belief in your heart

That every storm eventually clears.

© Copyright Jane Sturgeon 2021

No part of this book, or the whole, can be used, shared, or quoted without the author’s express written permission.


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