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Daily Balm Monthly Collection December 2021


“To allow oneself to be carried away by a multitude of conflicting concerns, to surrender to too many demands, to commit oneself to too many projects, to want to help everyone in everything, is to succumb to the violence of our times.”― Thomas Merton

In our world, crammed with information and activity, you may feel the need for some respite. I created the Daily Balm messages to flow soothing energy and kindness into your daily round and am now gathering them into monthly collections, and this one is from December 2021.

With much love from our home to yours.


1 December 2021 – Lantern

You are your own

Lantern of Light.

2 December 2021 – Clinging to the Familiar

Where we know what to do

Feel busy

Fill our days

We cling to the familiar.

3 December 2021 – Places to Pause

You need a place to pause


From all the noise

And the madness.

4 December 2021 – We Are All Feeling It

We are all feeling it...

Weary of the fear

Unable to plan forwards

Waiting for the next variant

Another rule for living

The next lockdown.

We are all askew.


You are still you...

In all your wonder.

5 December 2021 – Faith

Keep feeding your faith...

In you

Love and life.

6 December 2021 – Possibilities

An open heart for...


New shores




7 December 2021 – Comfort and Joy

The comfort of those close to you


Sharing joy with those in your

Magic Circle.

8 December 2021 – Song of Life

The notes you choose

In your

Song of Life.

9 December 2021 – Different Doorways

You can gift yourself permission,

To choose a different doorway.

10 December 2021 – Golden Warmth

Even in the seasons of Autumn and Winter,

Nature shares her

Golden Warmth.

11 December 2021 – Beneath the Ice

Beauty edged in ice.

The promise of blooms to come...

When the warmth returns.

12 December 2021 – The View from Above

The simplest of routines

Can lift us up...

To the inspiration of a different view.

13 December 2021 – Tricks of the Light and Life


A trick of the light and atmospherics.

Yet we believe they hold magic...

What else holds magic for you?

14 December 2021 – Sailing Forth

You don't know what is out there...

Beyond your current view.

Sail forth anyway...

New adventures await.

15 December 2021 – Decorating your Life

Moments of quiet and love

Decorate your life.

16 December 2021 – Bending Under the Load

Your branches of life

They carry your load

And you are rooted

Deep in the earth.

17 December 2021 – Choosing your Notes

You choose your notes

And your tune.

Can you hear

Your Song of Life?

18 December 2021 – Your Pathway

Your pathway may look slippery.

Take the steps anyway.

It is your path.

Your steps forward.

19 December 2021 – Delight

Joy in moments:

A child's laughter

Hearing the voice of a loved one

A breeze on your cheek

A moment that touches your heart.

Delight in life.

20 December 2021 – Pondering on a New Map

We are nearing the dawn of a new year

And the time of traditional resolutions.

You can pick up a new map


Dream, plan new adventures, explore...


21 December 2021 – Winter Solstice

Shine your warmth and

Your energy

Into the Winter Solstice.

22 December 2021 – Fairy Lights

Words light up your life.

Their warmth can be felt

Long after they are shared.

23 December 2021 – Up Above

There is a silence

High above the hubbub of life.

Aiming to find that stillness

During these harried days

Is a loving goal and

You don't need to climb aboard a cable car

To discover it.

24 December 2021 – Northern Lights

Nature's light

Flowing love and comfort

For you.

25 December 2021 – Our Home Bubbles

Wishing you all

A festive day.

In your home bubbles.

26 December 2021 – Drops of Flowery Love

Drops of flowery love

From our home to yours.

27 December 2021 – Festive Light

Calm falls

After the festive storm.

28 December 2021 – Winter’s Hush

Peace and


Amidst Winter's hush.

Time to retreat and restore.

29 December 2021 – Stillness

Time to pause

Just to Be.

Still in the silence

Where you can 'Be'.

30 December 2021 – Can You Hear?

Can you hear?

Yourself think.

The beat of your heart.

The whisper of life

Calling you to Be yourself.

31 December 2021 – On the Cusp of the New Year

Time to drop the spirals

Of the old year.

What has been

And gone.

Who did what to whom?

What events unfolded

And any thought of what might be.

Time to clean the slate...

© Copyright Jane Sturgeon 2021

No part of this book, or the whole, can be used, shared, or quoted without the author’s express written permission.


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