Articles on perspectives and stories relating to love.

Early Spring Newsletter 2023

We are seeing sharp events play out on the world stage and as a farmer friend of mine recently commented, some scenarios are running out of road. Change is definitely afoot and it is obvious that love and all that comes with it, is the way forward.

November 2022 Newsletter

It is also a time of nurture and given the world news, and the news from here in the U.K., we are more in need of nurture than ever before. Fear attracts more fear energy and we can get swamped with it, which in turn calls for more nurture.


Kindness and loving energy flow and nurture our connections, new and old, and that is how we rise.


It is a joy to be taught by a soul absorbed in the passion of his craft and at the height of his skills and Alex's gift of imagination and design adds to the magic.


In the evenings, I have been knitting socks from oddments of yarn and as I have been asked to share pictures and this post is about life's patchwork, I have dotted them throughout.