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Visual and Instant

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So much of our society is visual and instant.

Instant entertainment, food, solutions and distractions. Repeated messages that we can sort 'x,y,z' out in minutes or sometimes even seconds. All needs met, answered and sorted. Instantly.

The Welsh have a fantastic nickname for microwaves, 'Popty-ping' and it feels as if our society has become very 'Popty-ping' and is wildly out of balance.

Being bored, uncomfortable, restless and lacking in purpose are just a few of the feelings we have demonised. So, when we feel the need to be gentle with ourselves, we don't know where to start.

Some kinder ways that spring to mind are staring off into the middle distance while we quieten, pausing, listening to nature, not rushing into a decision, resisting the need to be productive all the time we are awake, resting, listening to others, saying 'I don't know', sitting and gently stepping past things that simply need to be left be.


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