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mother duck and duckling

I moved away from the Ghost platform because there were issues with signing in and leaving comments. It was clunky to use, and the last thing I wanted was to make things tricky.

I have set up this new website using WIX and their website builder, and I transferred my subscribers from Ghost to WIX.

WIX sees my transfer of you all as Subscribers, and as some of you have noticed when you comment on a blog post, your comment is displayed under the heading 'Guest'.

WIX does not allow me to set anyone up as a Site Member on my Members list.

If you wish your name to show on comments, you will need to Subscribe to my site directly on any of the Subscribe links on each site page. You will then automatically be a Member and when you leave a comment, the name you have input will show.

Subscribe on my Home page here...

If you choose to be a Member you will need to log in to comment, otherwise your comment will show as a 'Guest'.

As I am dipping in and out all the time, I just leave myself logged in, but I know it is not a choice you will all want to make.

Those of you who subscribed to this new website are automatically Members, but you can still comment as a 'Guest', which will save you from logging in. You can pop your name into your comment.

As always, I hope this makes things clearer and simpler, but time will tell. If you need any help, please get in touch ''

I am grateful to you all for your continued kindness and support.🩷



Clare Pooley
Clare Pooley

Thanks for this post Jane. I read it after commenting on your subsequent post (I think!) but I constantly get things round the wrong way at present :D I have subscribed xxx

Jane Sturgeon
Jane Sturgeon

Oh my lovely, it's great to hear from you, no matter which way round it comes. I so appreciate your loving support. Much love to you all. xXx ❤️🌹❤️

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