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Space Is A Gift

harlech beach north wales on boxing day

Harlech Beach, North Wales on Boxing Day 2023

Our old side fence in the back garden finally gave up a few weeks ago, and to hold it till help came, Tim anchored it to our rotten veranda posts. His solution worked, but we knew it was temporary.

Our new neighbours opposite are having work done before they move in, and landscapers have been busy. They uncovered a far bigger job than expected, and work halted as opinions were discussed, giving them a spare day. They came over to ours for the day. We have a brand new fence, and what a beautiful job they have done.

Tim has spent a happy time out there clearing the old veranda timber away, and at dusk, he stood grinning in the lit back door as I went into the back garden. The birds were singing goodbye to the day, and the feeling of space was wonderful. It is transformed. We love it, are grateful to the landscapers and our kitchen is flooded with fresh light.

Space is a gift.

Tensions and emotions are running high in the world, and there is evidence of shorter fuses in many.

Words hold power and sometimes not throwing them into a situation creates space for all concerned to take a pause.

Space to think.

The adage 'Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me' is not true.

The words we choose hold energy, as does choosing to say nothing.


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