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Rooted in Love

heart crystal

The loving energy we send out into the world, gathers, gains momentum, and creates sparks of action rooted in love.

A thoughtful lady gifted a crystal angel and for a few months, she has been hanging near some craft tools. I had an idea, started to make something new, and now spend time each day creating from that spark. Last week I moved the angel to hang near my bench in our newly renovated workshop, and ideas are flowing thick and fast and these are starting to translate into action.

It made me think of all the loving energy that flows out into our days.

Holding back in traffic to let someone in or pass by, followed by a wave and shared smiles.

A neighbour shared her surplus tomato crop (they were delicious) and we left a little lemon drizzle cake we made together on her porch.

Holding hands with a funeral director as we bow before the start of a service.

Impromptu telephone calls, cards, and messages. Just because.

Asking 'How are you?' and meaning it.

A widow striving to hold back tears, as we held each others' gaze and the world paused for a beat.

Thoughts about what to make for a meal and the look of lightness that crosses a loved one's face at the end of a hard day when they see it on the plate.

The sound of a little one's laughter when they're playing.

Lavender spray when you're ironing.

A fresh bowl of water at the end of a driveway.

Like attracts like.


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