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rocky cave and shoreline


When I feel overwhelmed by destruction,

Let me go down to the sea.

Let me sit by the immeasurable ocean

And watch the surf

Beating in and running out all day and all night

Let me sit by the sea

And have the bitter sea winds

Slap my cheeks with their cold, damp hands

Until I am sensible again.

Let me look at the sky at night

And let the stars tell me

Of limitless horizons and unknown universes

Until I am grown calm and strong once more.

- Marjorie Pizer

I haven't been able to get to the sea recently and yesterday, calm was gifted as I travelled to see a lovely family who have chosen to live a rural life.

Deep in the countryside, where the trees had been refreshed by overnight rain and the roads were quiet, the views were peaceful. As each pastoral scene unfolded I felt myself let go a little. The fields were full of stubble and bathed in misty morning sunshine. Pulling into a tiny winding lane, covered by mud from the farmer's tractor bringing in his last harvest, I was greeted by an elderly sheepdog.

I knocked on the back door and we met for the first time, yet it was as if we had been meeting for many years.


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