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Ordinary Moments

abbey and castle ruins north wales

Weariness came to visit yesterday making it tricky to work, write or even think. Fortunately, I had no family visits or services booked and ended up gifting myself a break. Why we find it so hard to pause is a mystery sometimes, especially when our bodies and spirits are crying out to be heard.

I headed outside to potter in the garden, as being with nature is one of my happy places. A few homes along there is a little girl who is full of joy. We often hear her chatter and imaginary play and it holds magic notes as her energy floats across the garden fences. She kept me company, along with the cries of the seagulls whirling overhead and the breeze that did a grand job of drying our washing.

We have a few spinning plates with projects on the go and one was getting a bit wobbly, so during a drive out at the weekend we rethought it and a fresh approach is balancing the plate out again. Two of our girls have requested knitted garments, so Tim took us to a wonderful old Welsh mill that has been converted into a home and hobby shop. All the warm, old stone buildings and warehouses are full of fabric, yarn and haberdashery bits and bobs. A place of joy and possibilities and we came away with yarn for five projects.

Returning home, we passed a heritage site and discovered a beautiful old home and the ruins of an abbey, which are part of The North Wales Pilgrims Way. It is just warm enough to be sitting outside under trees that were planted by souls long gone, and we sat sipping hot chocolate.

My Mum is a marvel at nearly 85 and loves cooking. Whenever we pop in to see her, we leave with containers of frozen soup and yummy dinners. At the end of a long working day, it is so comforting to heat up one of her gifts.

Since our first steam rally with Tim's roller in July, there has been a wooden trailer that he carefully built in our dining room last winter, which we have been storing in the van. We have a few plans that call for tenacity and consistent effort to bring them into being, so we've brought the trailer into our front room. It has yarn and steam engine magazines on it and is a loving reminder of what we can accomplish together.

Ordinary moments gift love and magic.

train trailer with wool, baskets and a sofa


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