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Nurturing Love

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A memory came to light recently and it was full of warmth.

My daughter, Emily, was in primary school and I stood outside the school gates one rainy afternoon. Our family life had taken a sharp tumble and I was still getting to grips with our new normal. I saw a hand waving towards me from a nearby car window and I didn't recognise the lady inside. I climbed into her passenger seat and she introduced herself, as her baby slept in the car seat behind us.

What followed was many shared school gate afternoon interludes of friendship, gentle laughter, calm, nattering, and most importantly non-judgment. I have never forgotten her kindness and we are still in touch, as she spends as much time as she can cuddling her baby's firstborn daughter.

As I sat remembering, I saw the loving links of connections that have rolled through the years and the new ones being forged.

In the chapels, crematoriums and cemeteries, there are kind staff making sure every service runs smoothly. Floors are swept, grounds are nurtured, music and photographic tributes are checked, pallbearers arrive and Service Stationery is placed on seats, flowers arranged and pictures placed, and family and friends who have arrived early are cared for. A graceful funeral director walks the hearse and cortege down the driveway to be greeted by a team with heads bowed.

Every loving detail, wish, request and plan from loved ones has been tenderly completed by the team at the funeral home, their funeral arrangers, clergy and celebrants, carrying everyone to the moment of farewell for their loved one.

Many people from different groups and places combine to flow with love and kindness and these connections weave a nurturing love to hold those who need it most.


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