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Nature's Comfort

shenandoah valley unites states of america

I have a playlist for creating and writing and this morning a recording of the Massed Voice Choirs at The Royal Albert Hall singing 'Shenandoah'. It is beautiful and I paused to listen.

The Shenandoah Valley exists in Virginia in the United States of America, and there are a few different stories and variations on the origin and words of the song.

If the radio moves to share 'the news' we turn it off swiftly. Finding balanced facts about local and world events has become important and anything relayed with drama, chaos and upset, designed to trigger a response, is avoided. We are careful what we listen to and watch.

We caught ourselves before we asked a question yesterday, as we saw a pebble being sent out, which would undoubtedly return as a boulder.

Recently, a friend wrote about surrounding ourselves in a loving bubble, staying grounded and being ever-mindful about where our energy was directed and what we allowed in.

For a couple of hours on New Year's Day, the rain paused and we went into our back garden, where Tim laid a path and I tidied up our pots. It's beautiful out there by the trees, and in the middle of last night, I heard an owl call twice.

Nature's comfort.


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