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Measurement by Opinion

two baskets of knitting and yarn

There is so much in our society that is measured.

Measurements are needed for anything technical and scientific, but it is the measurement by opinion that is cause for concern. People are swift to judge and make pronouncements off the back of opinions.

If we understand something we feel safe, and it becomes a known within our frame of reference, which is a false premise. That kind of questing for a safe feeling sets us up to try and control everything, so we feel safe and okay. It is a false illusion and that kind of safety is overrated.

My thought today is an element of behaviour that springs from this.

It is a false assumption that everything in life has an answer or solution. Some things simply are as they are. Not everything needs fixing.

I observe so many picking, pulling and yanking on a stray strand and they keep going. Everything gets twisted and it sets off a chaotic energy and before long there is a hole or worse, the whole thing comes unravelled.

There is grace in accepting that it is as it is.


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