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Love is Felt

pink flower

Love is felt, even if it remains unspoken. In our world, there is much fear at large, and this douses love at every turn.

Many events, deeds and actions that spring from fear are highlighted on the world stage and in our everyday lives. If something is not rooted and born out of love, then it cannot stay hidden. All is being revealed.

It is a lot for us all to observe, process and adjust to, and can lead to being overwhelmed and confused.

I read a lovely piece on LinkedIn by a life coach, Lis Whybrow:

'Don’t let guilt rob you of the possibility of making amends where you can so you can build a better future. My mum was a wise lady - she always said to keep short accounts with others, be quick to ask forgiveness for mistakes made, forgive others when they offend or upset you AND always be prepared to make the first move.'


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