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Friends have posted a photograph from their wedding day to celebrate 54 years of marriage. You can see kind energy in their young faces and their kindness towards each other over the years has deepened their love to shine an abiding loving grace encompassing all in their orbit. I hold memories of a day we spent together in London deeply in my heart.

A loving and long overdue catch-up on the phone with a buddy yesterday held the energy of kindness. We met twelve years ago on a course and bonded over our similar life experiences. We are still connected to two other lassies from those days, one has just become a granny for the first time and the other is thriving as a celebrant. We are grateful for the kindness in our bonds of shared understanding.

Tim flows with innate kindness and every day his thoughtfulness reminds me of the care and empathy he showed when we first met. He had overcome similar adversity and gifted a safe harbour as I faced mine. There is much kindness in being seen.

We had a meal out with friends this week and when a present challenge was being discussed, our friend leaned over and placed her hand over mine. With just a few words, she showed empathy and understanding as she walked the same path.

I have started networking with funeral directors and it is soothing how much kindness you can feel coming from them. Some have the gift of flowing love into their voices while being open-hearted. The two go hand in hand and it instantly puts others at ease. With others there are barriers and I hope kindness will melt these a little in time.

There is kindness and strength in equal measure in staying open and loving grace in understanding how we all need to be seen.


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