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Daily Balm Monthly Collection June 2021

Introduction to Daily Balm Monthly Collection for June 2021

“To allow oneself to be carried away by a multitude of conflicting concerns, to surrender to too many demands, to commit oneself to too many projects, to want to help everyone in everything, is to succumb to the violence of our times.”― Thomas Merton

In our world, crammed with information and activity, you may feel the need for some respite. I created the Daily Balm messages to flow soothing energy and kindness into your daily round and they are now in a monthly collection for June 2021.

With much love from our home to yours.


1 June 2021 – Drops of Blue

Blue is the colour of the sea and sky…

Sparking inspiration and

Speaking of sensitivity

Nestled in wisdom.

2 June 2021 – Your Tribe

Many blessings

In finding kindred spirits.

3 June 2021 – Tide of Life

Settling into our days

As the tide of life

Carries us on.

4 June 2021 – Strength

Elephants plod…

One foot in front of the other

Happily waving their trunks.

With intention, they can move fast

But their strength is in plodding.

5 June 2021 – Coming Together

When we come together

To share food

Catch up on the news and

Spend time together

It is an act of love.

6 June 2021 – Lazy Days

It is alright to have lazy days

With no plan.

To not fill every minute with something.

It is alright

To spend time

Simply being you.


7 June 2021 – You are Colour

You are full of

Your unique colour.

Shine on…

8 June 2021 – Incoming Storm

Your cove

Wherever it is

Is ‘you’


An incoming storm.

9 June 2021 – Unseen

You may not be able to see your way forward

Yet it is still there.

A blank canvas awaits

Just for you.

When you are ready.

10 June 2021 – Moments of Detail

At times it may appear to be all the same

Yet there is a difference in detail

Observing moments.

Look closely at an ear of corn

No two are alike.

11 June 2021 – Upliftment

Inspiration along your path.

Lifting you up

To keep moving.

12 June 2021 - Comfort


Such a special boy.

One of my buddies from farm sitting days.

His party trick was to place a paw on the laptop

And watch as files were deleted.

13 June 2021 – Trick of the Light

My head knows it is a trick of the light

My heart sees spirit.

14 June 2021 – Ancient Energy

Ancient energy

In an English Country Churchyard.

15 June 2021 – Sheer Joy


Another special farm-sitting buddy.

She did everything her way

And her company was sheer joy.

16 June 2021 – Love and Forgiveness

Love fearlessly.

Forgive fearlessly.

17 June 2021 – Fairy Tales

There is the magic

Of a fairy tale

In each of us.

18 June 2021 – In a Garden

Get lost to find yourself

In a garden.

Turn the earth to ground yourself

In a garden.

Plant some hope for yourself

In a garden.

19 June 2021 – Blooming

When you have a project

Every idea




Is a petal

Till it flowers into a glorious bloom.

20 June 2021 – Keep Turning

We all live

Under a vast expanse of sky.

Keep turning...

21 June 2021 – Colour

Colour your world.


22 June 2021 – Contentment

Contentment in simplicity.

23 June 2021 – Knitting Life

Life's knitting analogies:

If there's a loose thread

Sew it in.

If there's a hole

Mend it.

If there's a dropped stitch

Pick it up.

If you've made a mistake

Does it really matter?

And sometimes,

If you've messed up the pattern

Strip it back to the beginning.

24 June 2021 – Gentleness

Be gentle with yourself...

25 June 2021 – Loving Winds

Know which winds fill your sails...

26 June 2021 – No More Drama

The dramas of others

Do not need to play out

On your stage.

27 June 2021 - Wonder

Life’s wonder...

28 June 2021 – Colours of Choice

Your landscape

To paint with the colours of

Your choices.

29 June 2021 – Nature’s Call

Nature calls to you

Can you hear her?

30 June 2021 – Life’s Flow

Life’s flow

Ever running.

For each of us

All around.

© Copyright Jane Sturgeon 2021

No part of this book, or the whole, can be used, shared, or quoted without the author’s express written permission.


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