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Daily Balm Monthly Collection July 2021


“To allow oneself to be carried away by a multitude of conflicting concerns, to surrender to too many demands, to commit oneself to too many projects, to want to help everyone in everything, is to succumb to the violence of our times.”― Thomas Merton

In our world, crammed with information and activity, you may feel the need for some respite. I created the Daily Balm messages to flow soothing energy and kindness into your daily round and am now gathering them into this monthly collection for July 2021.

With much love from our home to yours.


1 July 2021 – Keeping Promises

Keep the promises

You make to yourself.

2 July 2021 – Shatter

There is a path

Through the shatter.

3 July 2021 – Wide Open

Where are you wide open today? 

4 July 2021 – Hope

Be a triumph of hope over experience.

5 July 2021 – Building Trust

Trust is built in moments.

6 July 2021 – Firsts

When you see something clearly for the first time.

7 July 2021 – Friendships

Friendship’s gift sweet moments.

8 July 2021 – New Views

There is a new view

Just around the corner.

9 July 2021 – Farming Fields

We are farmers of our lives

With endless possibilities

On the crops we choose.

10 July 2021 – Heartfelt

Creation from the heart

Is felt.

11 July 2021 – Dreams

All those dreams

Waiting to leave the harbour.

12 July 2021 - Simplicity

The simplest things

Hold great beauty.

13 July 2021 – Play

The dreaming and playing child

Is within us all.

14 July 2021 – Floating

We need to float above it all sometimes.

15 July 2021 – Clouds

Wishes in a whisper

Floating through the sky.

16 July 2021 – Depth

To see the depth

Asks for a stillness within.

17 July 2021 – Life Drops

All of life

In a drop.

18 July 2021 – Stormy

Even when it is stormy

The ground is solid underneath.

19 July 2021 – Exploring

Pack up a picnic

Fire up your dreams

It is time to go


20 July 2021 – Sweetness

All the sweet moments in a day

Add up to hearts full of love.

21 July 2021 – Lost

When we feel lost

Bless the loved one

Who shows us

We know the way.

22 July 2021 – Waves


You just have to dive in

And let the tide

carry you.

23 July 2021 – Roots

Life's goodness

Is in the roots.

24 July 2021 – Being Seen

Nature's beauty

Softly seen


Veils of mist and cloud.

25 July 2021 – Moon Talk

We all live under the same Moon

Bathed in her beautiful light.

26 July 2021 – Inner Calm

Let nothing


Your inner calm.

27 July 2021 - Tribe

Make time to be

With your tribe.

28 July 2021 – Feather-like Touch

May we touch nature

As butterflies do.

29 July 2021 – Healing

Nature & Sunshine:

Nodding Chamomile heads

Under a healing light.

30 July 2021 – Show Your Colours

Never be afraid

To show your true colours.

31 July 2021 – Cornflower Blue

Blue speaks of open spaces

Full of freedom, intuition & imagination.

© Copyright Jane Sturgeon 2021

No part of this book, or the whole, can be used, shared, or quoted without the author’s express written permission.


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