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Brick by Brick


Step by step, brick by brick, we create and build a dream, a project, a work of art, a business, and even a new way of being, till all the bricks of action we have taken make a whole.

Fred Dibnah (Tim's hero) was a steeplejack from Bolton, Lancashire, and he spent his life repairing and sometimes removing old industrial and religious structures, mainly chimneys. Experienced and completely fearless when it came to heights, Fred always knew if he could bring a chimney down safely by making holes at the base, building and lighting a large fire in the centre and dropping the whole thing. He had an instinct when faced with a tall chimney (typically over 300 feet), that he was unable to bring down and drop safely, and then he would build a scaffold with his trusty assistant at the time, and dismantle the whole thing brick by brick.

If we hold a dream, whatever that may be, we can build it brick by brick, as Fred used to say.

With patience, Tim has been creating a raised bed with sleepers in our front garden and it is taking shape now. He has cleared all the ground, dug out tree stumps, edged it, cleared it and done countless trips to the rubbish tip. The next step of planting the rose bushes is nearly here.

As a treat for all his hard work, and to realise a lifelong dream for him, we now have the lights for our back garden and all the electrical bits to install them on our new fences. He is so excited.


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