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tim dalton hanging plant basket holder

A snapshot in time, of a happy man holding a day's creativity in his hands.

Near us, there is a restored boatyard and museum on the banks of the River Mersey and one day we went for a potter round there. Beside the Shropshire Union Canal where it meets the Manchester Ship Canal, the old pump house, steam room, shipping offices and workshops have been brought back to life. Nestling in their midst is a forge where an intrepid gentleman called Alex, runs his blacksmithing business.

A.D. Price Metalcraft is in an old warehouse with stone forges and a cobbled floor. We spotted the rails from the disused railway by the outer door as we stood breathing in the musty smell of stored metal, part-finished orders and projects, coal and smoke. It is a special place and with delight, we discovered that Alex also runs day courses.

It is a joy to be taught by a soul absorbed in the passion of his craft and at the height of his skills and Alex's gift of imagination and design adds to the magic.

Tim had a glorious day away from all the everyday stresses and strains, where he was completely absorbed in creativity. He learned much and came home grubby and oh, so happy.

We will treasure the hanging basket hanger he made.

hanging plant basket holder


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