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Balance on Social Media

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Social media; however you feel about it, is used by millions of us and lately I have found that it's not sitting in a balanced way for me.

I have tried X formally known as Twitter, when it was Twitter, and that became a place filled with sharp hate, so I spun off at speed. Instagram is another one I have tried and I just don't 'get it', with tons of images and few reading the words. I felt the same with Pinterest. Numb scrolling and a drain of energy and time.

I had talked myself into staying on Facebook as it was a convenient place to be in touch with old friends, family and buddies in the here and now, but lately, the energy on there has shifted. It is linked to honouring the boundaries I wrote about last week and no matter how tight our boundaries are on there, a few sharp things have leaked through. What is happening does not feel balanced and I am deleting my profile this weekend.

For the folks I am in touch with on Facebook and nowhere else, I have shared my contact details so we can stay in touch away from it. With luck and a following wind, I haven't missed anyone out.

In the background, I am setting up a new website, with no sign-in needed to comment, or any other restrictions, and I want to say a big 'Thank you' to my subscribers for their patience and for sticking with it. When I am ready to go live, the transfer will be seamless, and I will continue with my Friday Balm. I am ever the optimist!

If you wish to subscribe to receive my Friday Balm and posts delivered to your Inbox, the link is in the box at the end of this post.

My love to you all. x


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