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African Blessing

Acacia trees in Africa at sunset

One rainy afternoon, I sat with two sisters as we started to create a life celebration for their special Mum. As the memories flowed, they talked about the years their mum and dad had spent living in Africa. I stayed silent about my experiences, but my heart heard the details they shared.

Once you have lived in Africa you never forget, and we are going to honour their mum by bringing her life celebration to a close with an African Blessing.

Life is lived on the edge in Africa, and I recall the feeling of rawness and open space that made anything seem possible. It was underpinned by a solid foundation of community, as there is no safety net on that continent and everyone is reliant on the kindness of those they live near. The community is strong, resilient and present. You shared your surplus, and you showed up for others without question.

In Ndebele, the term 'Ubuntu' can be translated in a few ways, and all speak of togetherness.

A person is a person through others.

Oneness in our humanity, by sharing ourselves with others, and caring for those around us.

We are each others' community.


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