Feel A Writer's Love

Feel A Writer's Love

Twelve years of blogging proves the adage 'time speeds up as we grow older'.

This time has gifted me with some wonderful friendships and many blessings from the writers in our global village, not least of which I can read a few of the books my friends create.

Feel the love as I share my reviews for some lovely books from these special people...

A heartfelt exploration of life, love, loss, and hope...Kent's poetry is beautiful. Touching, heartfelt, and relatable. Her latest collection is wonderful, and my favourites are I Love You, Cuddle, This is Home, and Voyage. The Cripple is heartbreaking, yet each poem holds a message of loving hope. Poems to be savoured and re-read.

You can find Harmony at Harmony Kent Online and click here to buy your copy of Life & Soul Book 2 and find Harmony on Amazon.

A salutary tale about how truth can so easily get lost...I was gripped from the first page and read this book in one sitting as I had to know how it ended. No spoilers from me, as it is well worth reading. Craigie understands the human condition well and how we all absorb stories and so-called facts through social media. When someone is hell-bent on vengeance the truth is lost and this story beautifully illustrates that.

You can click here to buy your copy of The Bubble Reputation and find Alex on Amazon.

Another lovingly observed collection of stories from Kaye's gifted writing talent...I love Kaye's books and this one does not disappoint. A loving collection of 'firsts' and the stories are all warm, witty, and keenly observed by a writer who writes from a wise viewpoint. I was right there with her on First Broken Heart, From Blond to Wrong, First Loss Of A Friend, through to the heartbreaking tribute to her beloved G. We will all find a part of our history in her stories as they help us to relate, feeling seen and understood. Please keep writing!

You can find Debby on DGKayewriter, and click here to buy your copy of Fifteen First Times and find Debby on Amazon.

Another lovely collection of poems and stories from this gifted writer...I love Cronin's writing, as she has a natural gift for storytelling. Her latest collection is lovely and a joy to read. Expeditions, Rejection, and The Colour of Life poems all spoke to me, especially Bear Witness which highlights a current plight society faces. It is hard to highlight any of the stories, as they all spoke to my heart, but if I had to choose Miss Lloyd's Robin and On The Run are lovely. The Secret brought tears. There is much laughter and beautiful observations nestled within the pages and I want to read them all again.

You can find Sally in her supportive Smorgasbord Blog Magazine, and click here to buy your copy of Variety Is The Spice Of Life and find Sally on Amazon.

More Than Coffee: so much more than a Memoir of Verse and Prose...I loved every word in this book. Scott's style and loving expression took me into the heart of life and to what truly matters. Her thoughts of Wil, her father-in-law, are compassionate and delightful in equal measure. Scott's love for her family and the life she and Matt have built for their children shine through. Belonging and Riding With The Wind are two of my favourite poems. More Than Coffee is a delight from start to finish and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a dip into the magic of life.

You can find Lauren on her blog Baydreamer, and click here to buy your copy of More Than Coffee and find Lauren on Amazon.

Happy reading. 💕

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Jane Sturgeon

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