Early Spring Newsletter 2023

Early Spring Newsletter 2023

Hello, and a Happy New Year to you all.

In the Northern Hemisphere, we are about to enter early Spring and we love the spring bulb bowl we have been gifted, sitting beside the fun doormat we bought.

I am sorry that this newsletter is late. Tim and I have been pulled in different life directions over the last few months and usual activities have taken a slide.

We are seeing sharp events play out on the world stage and as a farmer friend of mine recently commented, some scenarios are running out of road. Change is definitely afoot and it is obvious that love and all that comes with it, is the way forward.

Tim's Mum sadly passed away at the end of January after a difficult year for her and we feel it was a blessing as she no longer has to struggle.

There are times when dousing a situation with love is the only option and Mum's passing and service were one. It was a watershed for our family and some chose to use it as an excuse to cause trouble, which sparked others who flew with misplaced anger and old patterns played out. We felt that the circus had come to town and Tim and I tried not to get into any of the performances or even buy a ticket to them.

Facts and love get lost when things get complicated and everyone feels justified in how they are behaving because that is how they feel. We decided it was best to step back from those who were not listening and to place boundaries around Mum's service, so all that flowed was love for her.

The celebrant who took Mum's service had also taken the one for Tim and Simon's Dad three years ago and it was a continuation of love. Thank you, Jacqui.  💓 Every word was caring and balanced and as we gathered in the snug of a local pub afterwards, memories and stories were shared in peace and harmony.

Tim and I have bought ourselves a forever home next to the woods and lakes in Wales we love so much. We have moved everything across in the last few weeks and feel settled already. There is a feeling of peace in this community and we are blessed with lovely neighbours. We are on a circuit for folk walking their dogs and it is lovely to pause and natter and pat furry heads as Tim and I go in and out of our home.

My Mum had Covid in December and had to stay in the hospital till she felt well enough to return home and then was taken poorly again a few weeks ago and had to return to the hospital. My sister and I called for an ambulance and the crew arrived within minutes, which caught me on the hop, as I'd only just started to pack her bag. They were lovely, as were all the staff in the Emergency Department and the Acute Assessment Unit. Special people doing a difficult job under heavy odds and definitely in a sector of society that is crying out for change to support them. My Mum, a strong and independent soul, is back home and well-recovered and we are all grateful for her strong spirit and the care she received.    

Tim and I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed and I have been waking in the middle of the night fretting. Making a determined effort to quieten my thoughts, the other night I clearly heard a voice saying 'Focus on the good', so that is what we have been doing.

The farm local to our village has a shop stocked with its own products, other local suppliers and fresh fruit and veg from the market nearby. I popped in yesterday on the way back from a service and took my time, as it's a lovely place to be. The family all know their customers and there was much banter, with everyone helping everyone else to pick and pack their choices. I returned home feeling lighter and blessed, as did Tim when he saw what I'd bought.

Recently, I sat with a gentle soul as we created a service to honour his brother. He brought out a well-thumbed and beloved book he had found on his travels, and with a voice choking with emotion, he sat in his favourite chair and read aloud. In the silence that followed, against a backdrop of the quietly ticking fire while sleet fell outside, I reassured him that his choices were perfect and we had time to read them all on the day. It was a wrench to leave but I needed to re-enter the world and pop into a local funeral director's office, post some letters and get some groceries. My heart memory of him reading from The Sanskrit remains.

A funeral director I love working with leant across as we were all gathered in the fresh air after a service a few weeks ago and said, whilst keeping a straight face,

'I have something for you in the hearse.'

'Have you now.' I replied, equally deadpan.

One of our families had dropped in a thoughtful gift of this Peace Lily. I got in touch with her and told her how beautiful it was and she had perfect timing as we had just moved home. I Googled how to care for it, and we found a spot on a windowsill, out of direct sunlight. It is thriving and I send her pictures.

We wish you all a kind year.

Much love, Tim & Jane X

Jane Sturgeon

Jane Sturgeon

A civil funeral celebrant who covers Flintshire, Cheshire West & Chester and Wrexham, Wales. Jane publishes articles and ebooks and creates online courses on life and the challenges we all face.
New Broughton, Wrexham, Wales, U.K.