December 2022 Newsletter

December 2022 Newsletter

In the Northern Hemisphere, we are seeing the start of winter, with news of snowfall to come and a deep frost overnight.

There is a wonderful term used in the steam world of 'Winterisation'. Steam engines are readied and prepared for winter and all the jobs that don't get completed in the busy summer months come to the fore. Workshops, running sheds and tracks are tidied up and repaired.

Daylight draws in and we feel drawn to seek out activities that bring comfort and cosiness.

We have our own form of winterisation going on. De-cluttering to make life even simpler, taking action on plans that will bear fruit next year, pausing to watch absorbing films sitting side by side under a crocheted blanket, preparing for Christmas, supporting Tim's mum as she battles ill health and Tim's daughter as she prepares for the arrival of her first child and being grateful for each other.

I sit with grieving families and we all agree that life does not let up when things get messy. We find our way forward, even though our resilience is sorely tested. Thank goodness for shared love, support, kindness and calm energy as those are our anchors where we can take a pause in choppy seas.

Yesterday, we dropped a vehicle off with the mechanics, way before the sun rose, and passed by our local bakery. The lassies in there are so kind and friendly and their lights were on as they baked and made preparations for the day.  We had an unexpectedly long journey later and I called in to buy some goodies for the trip. No matter what they may have going on in their lives (unknown to their customers) or how busy they are, they always have a kind word and a laugh to share. I left them with words of gratitude.

Our Postmaster has been away for over three months and it was a delight to see him back this week. We had time for a quick chat and he shared in a few words, how life-threateningly poorly he had been, and now he was back working part-time. I told him he had been missed and how lovely it was to see him and then we laughed about him returning to ease himself back, right in the middle of the Christmas rush!

When life gets tricky and twirly, it is tough to find peaceful moments and any kind of calm and really, that is what we need more than anything. Maybe we can all work those much-needed moments and calm into our own form of winterisation.

Our love goes out to you all and we wish you joy and peaceful moments in whatever ways you choose to flow with your winterisation. Here's to a peaceful and loving New Year with love.

Jane & Tim. X

Jane Sturgeon - Civil Funeral Celebrant

Jane Sturgeon

Jane Sturgeon

A civil funeral celebrant who covers Flintshire, Cheshire West & Chester and Wrexham, Wales. Jane publishes articles and ebooks and creates online courses on life and the challenges we all face.
New Broughton, Wrexham, Wales, U.K.