Autumn Newsletter 2023

Autumn Newsletter 2023

Time has slipped (again) and this is a newsletter covering several months. Some dear soul had the bravery to mention the 'C' word yesterday and point out that this holiday period is only 100 days away. The race forward is ever present....

Tim and I stepped away from the race last weekend and went exploring around the lakes that are a few minute's walk from our doorstep. It was a lovely meander in the damp Autumn air. The trees were just starting to change colour and even the ducks on the lakes were pottering about slowly. The steep valley the lakes nestle in is heavily wooded and earth steps with wood edges have been built to climb up and appreciate the view.

We carried the peace home with us.

Work has been busy for both of us and without pressure, we have managed to finish the renovation of our shared workshop. There is joy to be found in there, as we potter together with our different projects. We can hear the birds singing from the trees and it feels like we are stepping away from the busyness of life as there is no signal for any technology in there. Bliss...

I have been circling the wagons on a creative idea and my research took me down a few familiar routes and ways to bring it into being. I tried some and hit a wall at each turn in the set-up, so stepped back. The odd thing is that my bench and tools were ready, but inspiration was absent. I walked out of the workshop and curled up in our cosy front room last Sunday afternoon, with the ticking of our clock as a backdrop, I picked up a pen and started drawing, which was more doodling really. A fresh idea sparked and I went back to my workshop bench and flowed with it. This led to other ideas and making a meal yesterday, I suddenly saw the whole picture and it bore no resemblance to anything I had thought of before. It made my heart sing and I got 'that look'. Tim is concerned I won't have the time and it could become a pressure, and I can understand his concern, but I'm going to try. I feel these ideas are out there in the universal flow, whether they be an invention, painting, music, words, or anything creative, and our minds 'see' them. They are available to us all, albeit temporarily. The key lies in what we choose to do when the spark visits.

Mackenzie Crook is an actor and he had the idea for a series about a metal detectorist back in 1999. He was relatively unknown at the time and he started writing, but anyone he mentioned it to, didn't pay attention. Mackenzie kept writing. Then fate stepped in and he starred in the Pirates of the Caribbean films and became 'known'. Able to get the attention he needed to bring his writing to the screen, he was overjoyed when Toby Jones agreed to act alongside him, and Mackenzie was also able to direct the filming of what became three series of 'The Detectorists'. All three are a gem and a delight to watch. Each character is finely drawn, the observational comedy is gentle and the love for a passionate hobby is central, set among beautiful scenes in nature. We loved every minute and applaud Mackenzie for never letting go of his spark.

Postscript: Mackenzie could have bought a Ferrari, but he chose to buy eight acres of woodland in Essex.

Here's to Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring in the Southern Hemisphere, sparks, peace, gentleness and our love to you all.

Jane & Tim Xx💗

Jane Sturgeon

Jane Sturgeon

A civil funeral celebrant who covers Flintshire, Cheshire West & Chester and Wrexham, Wales. Jane publishes articles and ebooks and creates online courses on life and the challenges we all face.
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